Grow Your Own Raspberries

Now is the time to be thinking about planting Raspberry canes to supply delicious home grown rasps in the summer months.  At Ben Reid Garden Centre we have several varieties to choose, from sweet juicy fruit to sharper flavours ideal for cooking and jam making.

Click here for this seasons varieties and prices

Come and talk to our team on how to plant and care for your raspberry canes or read more information from the RHS how to grow raspberries


House Plants

If you haven’t been up to see us lately come and have a look at our recently arrived indoor plants.  With the weather turning colder its time to bring nature inside to add some colour and ambience to your home and reap the health rewards of growing indoors.

The benefits of indoor plants include helping you to improve the air quality, increasing oxygen and reducing carbon monoxide, in your home.  Plants help to purify the air and remove toxic chemicals found in every home.  The humidity created by indoor plants can also help with coughs and colds associated with the winter months, helping to deter illness and boost healing.

Not to mention the stress relieving benefits of caring for your colourful new additions.

Read more from the guys at Lifehack


May Bank Holiday Weekend

Dare we say this out loud but… as we approach the May Day public holiday it looks like Spring may really be springing! Temperatures are forecast to be above 10 degrees for the next 10 days and we should see sunshine every day (!) so planning to spend some time in your garden feels like a realistic goal.

What will you be focusing on – planting new treats? Giving your grass the first trim of the season? Hacking back those rampant bushes? Or tackling the fresh weeds popping up faster than you can stamp them out?

We have been flat out filling the garden centre up to the brim with everything you need for a busy weekend in the garden.

  • Vegetable plants
  • Herbs
  • Tomato, cucumber, pepper and courgette plants
  • Summer bedding
  • Hanging basket plants
  • Senetti’s
  • Lavender’s
  • Clematis
  • Shrubs and Herbaceous plants from our own nursery
  • And lots more

We are open 9 to 5 Friday and Saturday, 10 to 5 Sunday and 9 to 6 on Monday

Have a great bank holiday weekend from the Ben Reid team.

Happy Easter – opening hours


Happy Easter to all our lovely customers.

We are open as normal right through the weekend 9 to 5 except Sunday when we are open 10 to 5. Lots of new stock has arrived from our trusted suppliers and we have Shrubs and Perennials from our own nursery filling the A to Z beds.

Look out for

  • Spring bedding and planted containers
  • Full rage of bird food and feeders
  • New range of conifers including some lovely Irish Yews
  • Rhododendrons of all sizes
  • Fruit trees and bushes
  • Seasonal Perennials
  • Alpines
  • Heathers
  • Seed Potatoes – still a large selection
  • Coal, logs and kindling
  • And much much more

What ever you are up to this Easter weekend we hope you have great time.

See you soon from all of the team.


Sale continues – Lots of new stock has arrived.

Spring sale continues. Lots of new stock has arrived this week

  • Spring bedding plants
  • Soft fruit bushes
  • Rhododendrons
  • Roses
  • Hellebores
  • Conifers
  • Seasonal shrubs
  • Shrubs and Herbaceous perennials form our own nursery
  • Seed potatoes
  • Full range of composts
  • Garden tools
  • Pots and containers
  • and much much more

20% of all prices, excluding existing offers, gift vouchers and confectionery

Have a great weekend.






Primrose – a burst of colour in Spring

Primrose Cauldron £8.99
Individual 9cm pots £1.29
6 Carry Pack £6.99


Primroses are part of the Primula family coming from the Latin primus meaning first, the first flowers of the Spring! These colourful flowers are perfect for containers or flower beds to give instant colour in the late winter/early spring and goodness me we could do with some of that at the moment. As ever we can suggest other plants to complement Primroses in your planting plan or take in your existing containers and we can plant them up for you here in the nursery.

Seed potatoes – grow your own chips!


Want to experience the full taste and texture of new potatoes, then you need to grow your own!

Our full range of seed potatoes have arrived and we have a variety to suit you. Whether you want to bake, boil, chip or mash we have got it covered. First earlies , second earlies and main croppers available. We also have a range of onion sets, shallots and garlic.

Find our list here seed tatties 2018

Find hints and tips from the experts here How to grow potatoes RHS   Gardening Guide Growing Potatoes BBC

Want to grow potatoes in a tub, have a look here Grow potatoes in containers – Grow Veg

Happy National Poinsettia Day!

Carolyn Spray inspects one of the thousands of Poinsettia plants, at Pentland Plants  near Edinburgh.

Happy National Poinsettia Day!

The rising popularity of poinsettias is a very welcome sight at Ben Reid, as throughout December they transform our little shop into a blaze of colour.

But do you know the history? Poinsettias come from Mexico where they have been associated with Christmas for centuries. An old legend tells of a poor girl who dreams of bringing a beautiful gift to favour the Virgin Mary for a Christmas Eve service, yet has nothing worthy. On the way to Church, she meets an angel who tells her to pick some weeds. She kneels by the roadside and despite her protests that they are far from desirable, gathers a handful of common weeds. She then makes her way to a small chapel where she places her offering on the altar. The moment she does, they burst into blooms of brilliant red poinsettias and her sorrow turns to joy. The Mexicans renamed it Flor de Nochebuena (Christmas Eve Flower).

The colourful weed gained prevalence in North America throughout the years, really gaining momentum in the 19th century when botany was a passion for many people. Historian and gardener William Hickling Prescott renamed the Mexican plant as the Poinsettia during this period, after an amateur botanist who was the first American Ambassador to the region.

Poinsettias became very popular in California in the 1920’s and were soon fashionable with the Hollywood set, and we all know what happens next when that happens.

We are accustomed to the red flowers and their affiliation to Christmas but the cream and pink varieties can also give an added dimension to your indoor displays if you’re looking for something a bit different. A Poinsettia is an excellent gift at this time of year, as they continue to brighten up homes long after the festivities have passed.

Here are Two Top Tips for ensuring the longevity of your Poinsettia long after the festive season

  1. Make sure it is wrapped up when you buy it. We re-sleeve all our Poinsettias so keep it wrapped up until you get it inside and don’t leave it in the car for any length of time so it gets cold. Once home and unwrapped, place it away from any cold drafts, like the front door as they don’t like them. A warm and bright place is where they want to be but avoid window sills as they like a consistent temperature.
  1. Don’t panic about watering, its simple. Water from the top, sparingly. The compost should be damp to the touch but not wet. If you think you have used to much water just put the pot on the kitchen draining board for the excess water to drain away. Top tip is to use tepid water not cold.

Poinsettias have a reputation for being difficult to look after once you get them home, but often it is how they have been looked after before you get them home that counts. Here at Ben Reid’s we buy them from Pentland Plants, another Scottish family nursery, outside of Edinburgh. They load up their vans and lorries inside the glasshouses where the plants are grown the night before they deliver. This means that they never get cold and damaged before they arrive to us here in Aberdeen.

We think Poinsettias are a fabulous Christmas tradition and we love that locally grown plants can play such a central part of our festive plant mix. We hope you enjoy them at this time of year as much as we do.

Merry Christmas from All of the Team at Ben Reid

Time to Keep it Real – Christmas Trees


“Its the most Tree-mendous time of year…”

Time to bring some festive spirit into your home with one of our REAL Christmas trees.

We know lots of places sell Christmas trees, but ours really are good. And we make it really easy.

We display all our trees in a big dry shed and unwrapped so you can really see what they look like. We have plenty of undercover elves on hand to help you find the perfect Christmas tree. Once you have chosen your perfect tree we will wrap it back up for you and carry it to the car if you want us to. If you need it delivered we can do this during the week, just ask one of our team about it.

If you want advice on which tree is best for your home, space or lifestyle, we can also tell you as much or as little as you’d like – we have a range of Firs and Spruce trees all in stock now.

Need a stand? We’ve got some good ones you can choose from. Lights? We have some good ones of those too.  Decorations? Er no. But we are guessing you have lots of them tucked away from last year anyway.

Just imagine that Christmas smell welcoming you home each day… You know it’s worth all those needles poking out for the rest of the year!

We look forward to welcoming you to Ben Reid very soon.

Retail Christmas Trees 2017