Grow your own fruit

Autumn time is tree planting time! Our favorite fruit tree nursery has delivered our first batch of trees. Apples, plums, pears and cherries. This is the best time of year to chose and plant fruit trees. Why I hear you ask? Well the soil is warm and moist so the trees can get going establishing roots and settling in just as they go dormant for the winter. This means when spring comes they will have a head start getting established and cope better with a dryer summer. Also because the nursery dispatches this years crop at this time of year you get the biggest choice of varieties available to you.

Don’t know how to grow fruit trees then come in and speak to us and we will talk it through with you or have  a look at these websites.

Trees for life – the nursery that grow our fruit trees

BBC Gardening – How to grow a fruit tree

RHS – A-Z grow your own fruit

Remember we have everything else you need from a spade and fertiliser to secateurs and winter washes and we can deliver.