How to cultivate Rhododendron colour in your garden

Rhodo Cosmopolitan

Thanks to the continued rise in temperatures and some decent sunshine after the rain, we are cultivating some of our seasonal favourites – colourful bursts of rhododendrons, azeleas and camellias.

So, how can we help you cultivate yours, or get the best out of a new purchase or gift?

Rododendrons, Azeleas and Camellias are all ericaceous plants, meaning they need to grow in an acid or lime-free soil to ensure they stay healthy. Alternatively, compact varieties can grow well in large pots or half-barrels filled with ericaceous compost (we have plenty in stock).

Rhodo Maire de Montague

Known for their vibrant colour in Spring, and some deciduous varieties in Autumn, Rhododendrons are described by the Royal Horticultural Society as being of ‘moderate difficulty’ to grow (they have pulled together some excellent guidance notes on how to help get the best from yours).

As with all plants, it’s a balance of elements that help your plants thrive. An excellent source of information on Rhododendrons is one of our trusted suppliers, Osberton, who write a great ‘ask the expert’ series. They recently published a nice piece with practical insights into how best to care for your rhododendrons, whatever your soil or garden conditions may be.

Rhodo Albert Schweitzer and Horizon Monarch

If you would like a more personal answer to your shrub queries (or any other gardening matters) we are always here to help so please quiz us when you’re next in store and we’ll be happy to talk through what’s likely to work best in your garden.

All the best,

Simon and the Team at Ben Reid Garden Centre