Time to Keep it Real – Christmas Trees


“Its the most Tree-mendous time of year…”

Time to bring some festive spirit into your home with one of our REAL Christmas trees.

We know lots of places sell Christmas trees, but ours really are good. And we make it really easy.

We display all our trees in a big dry shed and unwrapped so you can really see what they look like. We have plenty of undercover elves on hand to help you find the perfect Christmas tree. Once you have chosen your perfect tree we will wrap it back up for you and carry it to the car if you want us to. If you need it delivered we can do this during the week, just ask one of our team about it.

If you want advice on which tree is best for your home, space or lifestyle, we can also tell you as much or as little as you’d like – we have a range of Firs and Spruce trees all in stock now.

Need a stand? We’ve got some good ones you can choose from. Lights? We have some good ones of those too.  Decorations? Er no. But we are guessing you have lots of them tucked away from last year anyway.

Just imagine that Christmas smell welcoming you home each day… You know it’s worth all those needles poking out for the rest of the year!

We look forward to welcoming you to Ben Reid very soon.

Retail Christmas Trees 2017